Historical Geology-Spring 2014

Historical geology is the use of the principles of geology to reconstruct and understand the history of the Earth.   It focuses on geologic processes that change the Earth's surface and subsurface; and the use of stratigraphy, structural geology and paleontology to tell the sequence of these events. It starts with a tour of the solar system and its formation and then concludes with a focus on the evolution of plants and animals during different time periods in the geological timescale.

The laboratory section of this course gives students a hands-on approach to learning by providing practical experience in studying sedimentary rocks to interpret depositional processes and environments, examination of fossils and their use in age determinations, correlation of rock units, interpreting geologic history from maps, and the regional Geology of North America.

If you were absent (or just want to review), click on the links found at the following website and download the follow-along notes.  Read through the power point and answer the note sheet.  Turn in the completed sheet within one week of your absence.

April 24 & 25

April 28 & 29

April 30 & May 1

May 2 & 5

May 6 & 7


13.2 B

13.2 B

13.2 B



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